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What Is NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about how we experience the world and everybody and everything in it. It’s about how we do things and the way we create our own reality.

Used for personal development NLP can develop states for individual excellence. It has to do with empowering beliefs, about how we organize our thinking, feeling, behavior and communication to run our life more successfully. It is also referred to as the “manual” to our brain.

It unlocks more choices, makes us more aware of our emotions, our physical state and the way we behave and gives us the power to communicate more effectively using verbal and non-verbal language.

It places us on a journey of self-discovery.

When we process and store information or experiences we do so using one or more of our senses (auditory, visual, Kinesthetic, gustatory and the Olfactory), also known as modalities. This is referred to as our representational system.

Although we use all these senses we have a preferred sense when processing and storing information.

Have you ever incurred a smell which reminded you of a certain incident? How about a song that brings back a specific memory?

When we then recall these memories or experiences they are recalled using the same senses. Using NLP techniques these memories or experiences – good or bad – can be altered.

There are also finer distinctions within these modalities. For instance with the visual modality the finer distinction would be whether the picture you see is in color or black and white, close or far away, framed or not.

These distinctions or sub-modalities, as they are referred to in the coaching community, give meaning to our internal representation. These sub-modalities are also responsible for the fact that a singular incident is experienced differently by two people who are experiencing the same incident even at the same time.

Once we identify our own sub-modalities NLP can help to change the meaning our representational system attaches to the experience, which then also changes the way we feel about an incident.

This then directly affects the behavior that results from the internal representation because of the meaning and sub modalities it is stored in.

NLP is concerned with uncovering the structure of how we perceive our reality and then helping us to change it so that it becomes enriching and helpful to us. NLP is about freedom – the freedom from being controlled by our own mind and instead being in charge of how to use it.

NLP has been successfully used by Coaches to remove the barriers encountered by individuals, preventing them from achieving their true potential.

If there are negative thoughts and emotions preventing your from achieving your goals NLP could help you break through the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself or a situation. NLP can also help us in adjusting our behavior and actions to get the most of life.

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“Change your thoughts and change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale

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