Does Coaching Really Work?

If you are really committed to making changes, then YES!! Coaching will work. If you have made up your mind to change the things you want to change or achieve the things you want to achieve then, YES!!!!, Coaching will work.

However, the success of any coaching session rests not only with the Coach; it also rests with the individual being coached (Coachee). The Individual being coached has to take the responsibility to actively partake in sessions and perform the action-steps agreed upon. If not, all the techniques and all the approaches used by the Coach might be in vain. For any coaching session to deliver the required result, both Coach and Coachee have to do what was agreed upon.

The Coach serves as a “toolbox” filled with the “tools” you would require achieving the wanted change…. you are still the “Handyman”.

Is what you are doing currently not working for you? Have you hit some kind of block or resistance? Are you now where you were last year this time, two, four or even five years ago? Is there something you have wanted to do for quite some time, but keep delaying taking action because life happens? If so, then coaching could be for you.

Having coached various individuals to rid themselves of negative feelings, increase their confidence and performance, make career changes, reach their goals and embark on successful business ventures, serves as proof that coaching does work.

So, if you are looking for something different, something “new”; if you are tired of being where you are, having what you have, and believe that there must be more to life, and that you can be more, then I want to suggest that you give coaching a try. Things can only get better. Call me on 082 316 8500 and let’s talk about how coaching could assist you in reaching your dreams.

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act”

Gilbert K Chesterton

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