"A Coach “unstucks” Us And Helps Us Identify Gaps Between Where We Are And Where We Actually Want To Be, In Order To Obtain The Things We Truly Desire."

About Change

When-ever we want, we can change the things we are not totally happy with. We can read a book to open our mind to new knowledge. We can start one or other exercise program to get our bodies back into shape. We could even do something we have been threatening to do for some time. The great thing about change is that it can be applied now, tomorrow, next week or next year.

Then again, we can do nothing. Now, isn’t that comforting? They say the greatest labour-saving device invented to date is tomorrow. We could just pretend having all… Continue reading

About Living


That’ what I sometimes just want to shout out to some people. Just live.

We stay at home, because everything is too expensive and we want to save for our retirement, something which isn’t even a given. We hold our thoughts and keep within us what we really want to say, because we are afraid others would like us less. We don’t do anything without evaluating and re-evaluating the worst that could happen, because of our fear of taking risks that might make us lose something we have.

We tend to get so wrapped up in our daily “happenings”,… Continue reading

About Cause and Effect

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance. Nope, it’s not just me saying so, it is the Law of Cause and Effect. This Law has even been referred to as “common sense science”. I mean, how can you do or neglect to do something and expect things to stay the same? Impossible.

Every action (or inaction) has a consequence and produces a certain result. The choices we make are the causes, whether consciously or unconsciously, and will result in corresponding outcomes or effects. Remember that this Law is applicable to everyone and works the same for everyone, no… Continue reading

About Respect

Respect has to be earned and will never be just given. You cannot demand it. It is not something you can draw from the ATM or purchase from a Spaza-shop of some kind. It’s not something you can steal from someone after knocking him lights-out, leaving him with none……respect that is. You have to EARN respect. I am of opinion that just as those people who don’t love themselves would never really be able to love someone else; those people who don’t show respect to others are normally those who don’t have respect for themselves. How can you respect another… Continue reading

About YOU

I have always been a strong believer of putting others first. To consider others when making decisions and to really assist wherever possible. To me it is all about that “do onto others” -thingamajig.

How-ever, every now and then we have to take some time off from putting others first and make time for ourselves. It is not just recommended it is vital. If we don’t we might end up too exhausted to help others, and what good would that do? Humans seem to be fitted with batteries too. We also need recharging, but unlike normal batteries that can be… Continue reading

About 2014

Are you ready for this year? Are you ready for 2014? Are you planning on making this your best year ever? Have you erased all the passed “failures” from your memory bank and made notes of the lessons learnt in 2013 in order to use these as guides to achieve success in the year that lies ahead? If so, then you might just be off to a great start. Remember: if you didn’t like the things you got during 2013 you’ll have to change the things you did and do them differently in order to get something different in 2014.… Continue reading

About Doing Things Differently

January is officially a goner. Didn’t think it would go that fast now, did you? Don’t worry, most of us didn’t.

If January went this quick do you really think February, having only 28 days, three less than January, would give you enough time to catch up on the things you were supposed to do in January and still do the things you set aside for February as well? Mmmmmmmm….., bit of an uphill don’t you think?

I know, everything might seem overwhelming right now and you probably feel like giving up on the goals you set for yourself, just… Continue reading

About Needing and Deserving

What we need is not always equivalent to what we deserve.

When our continued unwarranted absence from work is more than our attendance, sure we still need our income, but do we really deserve it? Wait! Wait! Bad, bad example. Let’s use something that would receive a somewhat kinder reception…… If you were offered a hundred bucks to clean someone’s car, inside out, and made a hash of it, do you still deserve the hundred bucks? It might be your only income for the day and you might really, really need it, but do you really deserve it? Not only… Continue reading

About Responsibilities

To some a burden of a word. To others a requirement unsurpassed…. Responsibility.

Is it just a power-word invented by an author who had a lot of time on his hands or is there really some significant meaning to the word? Does it really have a warranted place in society?

We all have to take some responsibility for something at one or other stage in our lives. The question to be asked ourselves though is: “Will we live up to that responsibility?”. Will we be doing what is expected or will we be “wishy-washying” along, just to get that “time… Continue reading

About Leadership

I tend to shy away from using the word “Manager” as I believe the word is sometimes misunderstood, misused even. Some use the word to enforce authority, which gives the word a domineering ring and makes the myth that no people skills are required to be a manager seem like a fact. Some who refer to themselves as managers tend to have that aura around them with which they want to let everybody else know that they have achieved something and, because of this achievement (their title, presumably) they now are superior to everyone else. It is as if the… Continue reading

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