"A Coach “unstucks” Us And Helps Us Identify Gaps Between Where We Are And Where We Actually Want To Be, In Order To Obtain The Things We Truly Desire."

About Empowerment

George S. Patton Jr once said “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way”. If we listen carefully to those around us, we might even hear a similar silent cry. I, for one, get the idea that some of us need to get out of our own way, every now and then.

Whatever we do we should mind foiling the growth of another. Irrespective seniority or our own, sometimes ill-perceived, sense of status. No-one should be the one preventing another from being the best they can be, even if it threatens her own poise. Come to… Continue reading

About Being Authentic

We all have told a lie in our lifetime, be it a little white one or a more serious one. I, as kid, had a few stories ready to tell just in case I got caught out about something that could have had my butt burning like that burning sensation cattle get when getting branded, long before they invented the microchip. I never was one to enjoy a whipping……..and believe it or not, I had quite a few of those. Not for lying (my stories were far too “smooth”), but for my non-existent study habits, resulting in a huge, undeniable… Continue reading

About Attitude

The thing about attitude is this: If it stinks it sinks…..and it’ll drag you right down with it.

Yes, not everybody can be “smiley-faced-upbeat-happy-go-lucky” all of the time, but surely you don’t have to display an attitude so negative and so bad that it has the rats crawling from the sewage and pigs running from their mud baths, not towards but away FROM you.

Your attitude offers you the power to become who you want to be. As the Good Book states: “man is as he thinks in his heart he is”. Once you have decided and believe in who… Continue reading

About Accountability

What a huge word….Accountability…Not only in length but also in meaning. Apparently the meaning of this word is so mammoth that most fail to understand the real significance thereof. Whilst some opt not to comprehend it at all, others do, but have chosen to shift it away from themselves and into the yard of another. Some try to evade it to such an extent that they don’t even care whether they get the words’ spelling right. People just no longer feel the urge to be held accountable. The notion seems to be one of “the less I can… Continue reading

About Vision and Reason

When-ever you find yourself in a negative state of mind you can be sure that you have lost the vision you had for yourself. That you have lost track of where it is you wanted to go. Lost the key reason that got you out of bed every morning. As, humans we need something to work towards? Having something to work towards gives us a reason(s) to get up in the morning, prepare ourselves for the obstacles and negative onslaughts we may encounter along the way and forge ahead to that ultimate achievement. Without a good reason to go… Continue reading

About Success

Success….the word uttered by so many motivational speakers and performance coaches. A topic that is discussed in relaxed and sometimes, more serious conversations. According to talks on the Radio and Television success is vital and everybody must want to achieve it, be prepared to chase it from pillar to post, day in and day out. Some achieving it, others only to dream about it.

But, what is success really? Is it truly as easily definable as we want it to be? Is success the same for me as it is for you and everybody else for that matter?

No,… Continue reading

About Time

Isn’t it chilling to realize how time just glides by? How quick 12 months, 365 days and 8760 hours can be reduced to zero…the past….. and be defined as history? We have hardly taken up tools to start a day’s work and another year is no more. It kind-of seems as if the year has ended before it really started. Time has, once again, masterminded its way through our lives without us realizing its rapidness.

Worst of all must be the fact that intertwined with years passing is the fading of our capability of doing the things we always wanted… Continue reading

About Taking Stock

Have you realised how “rushed” and “fast paced” everything and everybody has become. Everything has to happen so much faster nowadays. We are impatiently waiting for robots to turn green, for transferred money to show in our bank accounts as soon as it is said that it was paid (who doesn’t) and that cup of coffee that takes far too long to be served at our favourite restaurant.

Just think about it. The patience we had a couple of years ago, that we have grown up with – well, at least some of us have– is something of the past.… Continue reading

About Fear

I have touched on the subject of fear in many of my writings. In most I stated that you have to do what you fear most to control that fear instead of that fear controlling you.

In December of 2011 I went a step beyond just writing about this theory….I actually put it to the test.

Since November 2009 I contemplated doing what I always thought being one crazy idea……. bungee jumping off something, somewhere.

When I told friend and foe about this foolishness – which I still believe it is – some chuckled, showing their skepticism, while others seemed… Continue reading

It is your call

Funny isn’t it, the way some of us blame everybody and everything around us for things that happen to us, but fail to look in the mirror to find the real reason for our life being the way it is.

I sometimes want to believe that it is our parents fault. They, after all, taught us to hit the chair when we hurt our toe against it. “Naughty chair” are words I found myself uttering every now and then following Moms’ example.

Thinking about it today, how-ever, I realise that by doing that I was creating that blame-shifting mentality which… Continue reading

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