"A Coach “unstucks” Us And Helps Us Identify Gaps Between Where We Are And Where We Actually Want To Be, In Order To Obtain The Things We Truly Desire."

About Change

Change. What a disrupter? You just got to know all the answers and the questions are changed. Just when you think you got the hang of something, know how things are done, you are confronted with something new, something different, all to your frustration. Before you can say “knife” you are dragged out of your comfort zone. OH, yeah….that so very comfortable comfort zone.

Consider this… change will only be unpleasant if we make it so. Our attitude towards change is what makes the difference. Obviously it’s not always pleasant, but it’s going to happen, whether we fight it or… Continue reading

About the Search

Our search for odds and ends is not always as noble as we make it out to be… We are not always honest with ourselves about what it is we really need and our search for paraphernalia is mostly for the wrong reasons. In our search for happiness we seek the things we hope will make us feel part of something; help us be the person others would want to be around; and hopefully gain respect of some sort. Our possessions must reflect the successes we have achieved so we may be admired by friend and feared by foe. But… Continue reading

About Making Things Happen

Winston Churchill did it. Thomas Edison did it. More recently Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and Richard Branson did it. Will you?

All of them, one way or another, did something which had a huge impact on many; if not on all of human kind. These are individuals who did not shy away from being different. These are individuals who decided, despite resistance from others and the odds they faced, to push forward and lead the way towards what they believe or believed in.

They left their permanent footprints on earth for everyone else to see. They’ve made a… Continue reading

About Condemning

In a recent episode of the award winning police procedural drama series Blue Bloods the main character, played by Tom Selleck, uttered words that had every part of my body covered in goose bumps. His words were so striking there was no chance of me allowing them to just fade into thin air without using them in one of my writings.

Listen to this: “Let’s not become what we condemn”. WOW!!!!……Is it not? Isn’t this something we all have done, one time or other, one way or another, leaving us with no other option but to plead guilty… Continue reading

About Being YOUR True SELF

“I am I said” …A song written by, most probably, one of the greatest singer/songwriters I know. But, just as Neil Diamond said these words to “NO ONE THERE” are these words not the same we, ourselves, try getting across, however fail to find the audience?

Why does that preferred audience keep eluding us? Why are our concert tickets never sold out? Why is it that we struggle to find those who would listen to us…Where are the crowds that are supposed to believe us when we say “I AM”?

Here it is: The crowds are there and they will… Continue reading

About Wrong and Right

What is it about us mortals wanting to be “right” all the time. We hate being wrong; to be told we are mistaken. Some cannot but battle it out in an argument as if, when proven wrong, their character, trustworthiness and self-worth would be threatened?

Wrong or right? Who is and who isn’t? Who decides what’s right and what’s not? Society, you or who…or, dare I say, what? And who is really right in the end? Can’t both statements be right if viewed from a different point of view? The number “9” experiment comes to mind. If you view the… Continue reading

About Decisions

Decisions……decisions …. Who to trust my investment with? To do or not to do something? To have that last drink of cigarette? What dress to wear or what tie to knot around your neck for the day?

Daily we are confronted with choices to be made…some simple; not in need of too much consideration, others more complicated with the possibility of having a profound impact on something or someone.

If you think about it, basically everything we do necessitates one or other decision to be made.

Here’s the thing about choices…..they are yours to make. No-one else’s. Sure, you can… Continue reading

About 2017

So, what is YOUR 2017 going to be like? Have you given this a proper thought or are you going to take your chances with circumstances and let these be your roadmap and guide for the year ahead?

Yes, some , if not most of us make new year’s resolutions just to forget about them a week or so down the line and fall back into the rut we’ve grown so used to during the previous year. I mean, that’s the easy way, right? After all, change only comes from putting in some effort – and effort is not something… Continue reading

About Potential

We may not think about this as often as we could, but we need to realized that everybody, without exception, has the potential to achieve what-ever she wants to and develop into the person she desires to be. Our passed experiences and the drawbacks that crossed our path don’t have to determine our future, unless we want them too. Yes, there will be hurdles along the way and there will be incidents that may force us to follow a different route than planned, but if we forge ahead despite these little hick-ups, we have every right to achieve what-ever we… Continue reading

About Empowerment

George S. Patton Jr once said “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way”. If we listen carefully to those around us, we might even hear a similar silent cry. I, for one, get the idea that some of us need to get out of our own way, every now and then.

Whatever we do we should mind foiling the growth of another. Irrespective seniority or our own, sometimes ill-perceived, sense of status. No-one should be the one preventing another from being the best they can be, even if it threatens her own poise. Come to… Continue reading

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