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About Wrong and Right

What is it about us mortals wanting to be “right” all the time. We hate being wrong; to be told we are mistaken. Some cannot but battle it out in an argument as if, when proven wrong, their character, trustworthiness and self-worth would be threatened?

Wrong or right? Who is and who isn’t? Who decides what’s right and what’s not? Society, you or who…or, dare I say, what? And who is really right in the end? Can’t both statements be right if viewed from a different point of view? The number “9” experiment comes to mind. If you view the number “9” from two different angles it could be either a “9” or a “6”. Standing alone and not part of any calculation, which would it be? Which is right and which is wrong? Who decides?

Is right and wrong a matter based on what’s been written in law-, etiquette- and behaviour books…the constitution, the Bible and the like? What makes these writings right or wrong? Who gets to decide on what written word is indeed right or wrong? True or false?

Are writings not just said to be right or wrong, based on the ideas of the writer, his point of view, written whilst in whatever mood at the time and marketed as being correct in such a profound way that the majority agreed therewith? Does the fact that the majority has accepted something to be right or wrong necessarily make it so? According to who?

Maybe right and wrong are just two concepts transferred down the family tree, not challenged enough because of fear, and as a result accepted as such? And if so, is right and wrong then not based on the past? Knowing that the past and future are not the same and never can be….will that, what has been right and wrong in the past, still be right and wrong now or in the future? The world was, after all, “flat” not too long ago, right?

Can we do without the idea of something being right or wrong? What would this mean? What effect, if any, would this have on us, society, our environment and everything else for that matter? Could classifying something as wrong create limiting beliefs in ourselves, keeping us from proving that what was said to be wrong, actually to be right…holding back creation? Would that be wrong or would that be right?

Maybe our family tree needs some trimming?

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