"A Coach “unstucks” Us And Helps Us Identify Gaps Between Where We Are And Where We Actually Want To Be, In Order To Obtain The Things We Truly Desire."

About The Search

Our search for odds and ends is not always as noble as we make it out to be… We are not always honest with ourselves about what it is we really need and our search for paraphernalia is mostly for the wrong reasons.

In our search for happiness we seek the things we hope will make us feel part of something; help us be the person others would want to be around; and hopefully gain respect of some sort. Our possessions must reflect the successes we have achieved so we may be admired by friend and feared by foe.

But whereto does this falseness lead?

In the end this meaningless search leaves us empty and incomplete. It disconnects us from the real Self, preventing us from finding true love, true peace and foster true relationships.

When we scout for the wrong things – whether we eventually find them or not – we’ll always miss that very crucial part we need in order to obtain our wholeness, leaving us with that feeling of discomfort deep within.

This feeling comes from the Soul, the Real YOU who knows that what you are searching for is not what you require to live YOUR true and meant-to-be experience.

Still, for the sake of fitting in we fail to admit this falsity to ourselves, let alone those closest to us, deceiving ourselves and everyone else in the process.

Every positive has a negative and vice versa. If you feel discomfort about something said or done there is an opposite something to be said or done which will provide tranquillity. This is what you must seek. Only when you feel this tranquillity, are you experiencing the True YOU.

Search no more for trivial things. Make your search one of worth. You owe it to yourself.




Tranquility can only be attained when the true YOU is found.

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