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About Potential

We may not think about this as often as we could, but we need to realized that everybody, without exception, has the potential to achieve what-ever she wants to and develop into the person she desires to be. Our passed experiences and the drawbacks that crossed our path don’t have to determine our future, unless we want them too. Yes, there will be hurdles along the way and there will be incidents that may force us to follow a different route than planned, but if we forge ahead despite these little hick-ups, we have every right to achieve what-ever we set out to do. Trust me……the hurdles to be faced are trivial compared to the eventual achievement.

No-one is deprived of potential. You don’t have to be created from an Einstein sperm, or be raised by the Branson’s of this world to be privileged. It doesn’t matter where you came from nor is it a matter of having it or not having it….It’s about identifying and developing it. All you need is the determination and to act upon that determination. Then potential is yours for the taking.

Some of us have never been made aware of the hidden, dormant potential deep within. Because of the things we have been told repetitively, by others, and the things we constantly repeat to ourselves, which we eventually start to believe (repetition is the mother of skill, after all) we are now falsely convinced that what we have is all we’ll ever have and who we are is who we’ll always be. The jump from rags-to-riches and the “privileged” life is not ours to enjoy. It’s meant for only a selected few. Our cards have been dealt at birth and despite the cards we hold or toss, will everything still be the way it is supposed to be. The outcome is unchangeable and we have no say or “do” in the mater. Oh, how far from right we are.

Society has also not been much of a supportive friend. It has misleadingly made us believe that our growth is measured by our status. That our progress is measured by our financial well-being, social standing and other exterior successes. Clearly we have been hoodwinked. The truth is that our development is actually determined by our own efforts to develop our intellectual, physical and spiritual aspects. Only when we develop these can we reach our full potential.

Another barrier tending to hinder our development is the fact that we have, regrettably, been indoctrinated to believe that instant gratification has become a undisputed requirement. We no longer want to devote the time vital to establishing our growth. We try our hand at get-rich-quick schemes and consider them to be a, if not the, deciding factor. If we can’t shed the extra body-weight in a week, get that Arnold Schwarzenegger-look in 90 days or change our pennies into multiple pounds overnight, we label it as crappy advice, not meant to be and give it up as a bad job. We’ve tried, but it’s an impossible task, forgetting that quick fixes have never stood the test of time.

1. We need to appreciate that potential is only released and personal development only possible when we follow a deliberate and disciplined process. As we all know, a process is not an “instantaneous” thing. As the well-educated Google states: “A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.”

It’s time to delve deep, discover and develop your potential and be as great as you were meant to be.

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean un-sailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channelled toward some great good.”

Brian Tracy

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