"A Coach “unstucks” Us And Helps Us Identify Gaps Between Where We Are And Where We Actually Want To Be, In Order To Obtain The Things We Truly Desire."

About Making Things Happen

Winston Churchill did it. Thomas Edison did it. More recently Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and Richard Branson did it. Will you?

All of them, one way or another, did something which had a huge impact on many; if not on all of human kind. These are individuals who did not shy away from being different. These are individuals who decided, despite resistance from others and the odds they faced, to push forward and lead the way towards what they believe or believed in.

They left their permanent footprints on earth for everyone else to see. They’ve made a difference. What is keeping you from leaving your footprints? Fear? Doubt? Others? Laziness, maybe?

Yes, not all of us can be a Madiba or a Mozart, but within all of us ‘hides’ a person with the ability to make a difference in this world. Be it on a larger or smaller scale. Be it to the benefit of the world or to the benefit of only ourselves and the ones near and dear to us.

We need to search way deeper within ourselves than we are used to doing and find that part of us playing hide and seek; accept the responsibility placed upon that part and live accordingly. Once found, we can live that life with all of our heart and all of our being.

Yes, there will be times when we will need to take those risks, face adversity and do whatever it takes to become the person we are supposed to be, but it’ll all be worth the effort and risks.

Where are you now, compared to where you want to be? Have you lived up to the promises you made to yourself? Are you on track? If not, what held you back? What can you do differently? Do you know that by achieving your goal(s) you are on the way to bigger things… to making the difference you are supposed to make, to leaving your footprint?

What will it take for you to leave your footprint?


Don’t slack. Don’t hesitate. If you do, then you are the only person standing between yourself and the greatness you are meant to achieve.

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