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About Making a Difference

With January out of the way (well almost) and our bank balance an awful reflection of the pleasures we enjoyed during the festive season; it is time to get back to reality. Yeah, I know, it’s difficult, but that holiday feeling you had……sorry, no more. Shake it off. It’s time to get rowing again.

If you are into reading my posts, you’ll remember the last one touching on the need to do things differently to get different results. Who wants sameness, year in and year out, similar to Bill Murry’s repetitive day in the movie Groundhog Day, anyway? What a frustration that must be.

Why not take a different approach this year. Why not think of how we can change the way we do things in such a way that they make a difference. The question should no longer be whether we are doing something wrong or right. The question should be whether what we are doing will make a positive difference. Not for ourselves only, but for everyone around us as well.

Self-interest never got far on the road to success.

Knowing that life is fleeting we should all make the best use of what’s left of it.

If you allow me, here is a thought or two for 2020, I’d love to share:

1. Whether you are a leader or not, remember, that it’s not about you. It’s about the team. “Ranks”don’t make us superior. As Daniel Defoe wrote: “……. titles are shadows, crowns are empty things. The good of subject is the end of kings.

2. Become consciously aware of what you keep yourself busy with. Would it make any difference whether you did it or not? If not, why do it? Keep clear of the trivial “to-do’s” that are flung your way.

3. If you are bad at something, hand it to someone who is great at it. Normally if one is good at something, he likes doing it. Why waste your time doing something over and over when someone else can do it quicker and better than you can. Play to your strengths. Be a team and fill each other’s gaps.

4. Don’t ever think your work is less important than someone else’s. A chain needs all its links. YOU are a link in that chain. If you, as link, are missing, the chain has no use. It becomes scrap metal.

5. Don’t say something isn’t part of your job description. That won’t get you, or the team, anywhere. Be a team player. Get your hands dirty. If the team pushes, push. If the team pulls, pull.

6. Make it known if you disagree. Respectfully, obviously. Say your say. Whether the other party likes what you are saying or not, should not deter you from speaking your mind. If there’s something you need to say, say it. If there’s something you need to hear, listen. Good ideas come from different views.

7. Complete your tasks. Don’t do today, what you can do tomorrow. Do today, what you can do tomorrow. Do it now, even if you can do it later. That should get you ahead of the program.

8. Give credit where it is due. No man is an island. Huge “wins” are not accomplished by a loner. Don’t take credit which is not yours to take. Give it to who it belongs. Better allies are forged when trophies are shared appropriately.

9. Most importantly enjoy it. Enjoy what you do. If you don’t, what’s the use? Loathing what you do for 9 hours a day, to make ends meet, is not how it’s meant to be. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, go do something else. If you hate what you do for a living the chances of you having a positive impact, being in the negative state you are in, at that moment, are scarce anyway. Life is to be enjoyed not loathed.


“One person can make a difference, and everybody should try”
J.F Kennedy

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