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About Empowerment

George S. Patton Jr once said “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way”. If we listen carefully to those around us, we might even hear a similar silent cry. I, for one, get the idea that some of us need to get out of our own way, every now and then.

Whatever we do we should mind foiling the growth of another. Irrespective seniority or our own, sometimes ill-perceived, sense of status. No-one should be the one preventing another from being the best they can be, even if it threatens her own poise. Come to think of it, if you consider competition to be threatening to your “standing” then the possibility, of you not being the best person for the job, might soon no longer be referred to as a mere possibility.

There are people so afraid of being exposed or labelled as being replaceable that they keep others in the dark; setting them up for failure; just to be able to jump in, just in time, to “save the day”………..and be the hero for a little while longer.

We need to realize that when we spend most of our time holding someone else “down”, we will remain at that same level for as long as we put in the effort of holding that other person down. Think about it: how can you, whilst holding someone else down, elevate yourself to another level? Try it….it’s Impossible.

If you blow out the candle of another, in darkness, your view will be blurred too.

We need to get into the habit of boosting others, without being afraid of them “stealing” our spotlight. When we boost others to such an extent that they become better than we are, then we have performed one of the most noble acts of all time. Well, in my book, at least. By transferring a skill, any skill for that matter, successfully we will ensure that our name is forever etched into the mind of the one in receipt of that skill, for all the right reasons.

Transferring a skill is not an easy chore, though. How-ever, once achieved successfully, it is self-gratifying – to the giver – and it is one thing that no-one can ever take away from the individual who has received it…..It is considered to be a prized and ever-lasting gift.

Let’s go out there and empower others. It is a sure way to amplify self-confidence. When self-confidence is increased the urge to become better increases and a winning team is on the rise.

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