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About Ego

What a powerful thing our Ego is. It is so powerful one should write it out in capital letters… EGO and bold it even EGO. It is as if it deserves the recognition given. And on who’s authority? By whose doing? Only our own. We are the ones who gave it the prominence it currently enjoys. We are the ones who place it so high on our “shelves of importance” that it became too hard to reach in order to get rid of. And so it sticks with us and we keep on making all our decisions with our Egos in mind.

Don’t agree? Why then is it that those who really want to do something differently or make a career change cling to what-ever they have and don’t give opportunity a chance? Fear, you might say and sure you would be correct, but the fear of what…..Losing something? And why would that be? Would it be because if we lost something we thought we would not loose we would not be able to look our family and friends in the eye as we now feel less significant? Would we, when losing something or not having achieved what we said we would, suddenly be less of a man?

EGO does that. EGO can place us so high above others that when we slip we tend to fall so far and land so hard that some find it difficult to stand up and face, and fight, the challenge awaiting them. They stay down in the dumps, sitting in a corner, leaking their wounds and fail to make a second or even third attempt to get up and end up becoming another statistic. These fallen individuals then give us the wrong idea of what would happen to us when we do not succeed the first time round. If their EGO’S weren’t at play getting up would have been a lot easier. EGO’s weigh heavy on our shoulders.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not in any way suggesting that you should now go out and take any and every chance that presents itself to achieve something different. Don’t go out on a loop and become utterly fearless. Don’t go out there and try things you have no knowledge about. Don’t flutter all you have to take a chance on something you have not investigated and have no chance at all of achieving. I don’t call that being brave, I call it plane stupidity.

What I am saying is that we should not allow our EGO to get in the way of what we should actually be doing. We should not allow our EGO to prevent us from becoming the person we are supposed to be. We should not allow our EGO to prevent us from living the life we are destined to live. We should never ever allow our EGOs’ to make us feel superior to another. Our EGOs’ belong in our pockets, which have holes in them giving it the opportunity to be lost as quick as it was gathered.

How do we know our EGO is at play? Well, whenever we feel threatened during a normal discussion and take the things said personally. When it is no longer a matter of resolving the issue at hand, but rather a matter of defending the perception of sovereignty we think other people have of us. Note, I said perception, cause that is all it is. There is no truth in it. If your EGO gives you a personality boost, good for you, the only person how-ever who thinks that you are superior to others is you….the others’ perception of you is quite different.

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