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About Decisions

Decisions……decisions …. Who to trust my investment with? To do or not to do something? To have that last drink of cigarette? What dress to wear or what tie to knot around your neck for the day?

Daily we are confronted with choices to be made…some simple; not in need of too much consideration, others more complicated with the possibility of having a profound impact on something or someone.

If you think about it, basically everything we do necessitates one or other decision to be made.

Here’s the thing about choices…..they are yours to make. No-one else’s. Sure, you can gather opinions, advice and guidance and even follow such, but the eventual decision to go ahead or abandon the idea is totally up to you.

There is no blame you can shift onto another, your circumstances or anything else for that matter should things spin out of control. Then again can no one claim credit should things work out for the better and you end up with a a jackpot in hand.

The outcome of choices made, rests squarely with the person making the decision, irrespective of whether he had someone else act on his behalf or whether the result was because of his own doing. You can delegate the chore, but the responsibility is yours to keep. Your choice…..your responsibility.

Then, once taken, whatever the result, the decision maker needs to live with the outcome of that decision….good or bad, happy or sad….the other party is off the hook.

The result of a “wrong” decision will never be fun and could turn out to be rather costly, despite that however, decision making should not be feared. We are meant to err and experience “difficulty” every now and then…How else would we gain experience and grow into the person we are supposed to be?

So go out there today and make as many decisions as you possibly can. Yes, think them through, don’t make decisions that will have an obvious undesirable consequence, but decide…

Who knows, your decision might just turn into a immense and paramount discovery and make you the next Einstein.

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