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About Condemning

In a recent episode of the award winning police procedural drama series Blue Bloods the main character, played by Tom Selleck, uttered words that had every part of my body covered in goose bumps. His words were so striking there was no chance of me allowing them to just fade into thin air without using them in one of my writings.

Listen to this: “Let’s not become what we condemn”. WOW!!!!……Is it not? Isn’t this something we all have done, one time or other, one way or another, leaving us with no other option but to plead guilty to the charge were we to be placed before a jury?

Isn’t it fact that all of us cling onto the “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” proverb, whether interpreting it correctly or not, convincing ourselves that justice and salvation lies only in the revenge we seek and eventually take. Doing so, are we not casting a blind eye to our own wrongdoing, falling prey to the same actions we want to dish out penalties for?

We condemn others for gossiping behind our backs, then share our disgust with such gossip, with everyone else but the individual who did the initial gossiping.

We judge others for skipping traffic lights, speeding and ignoring road signs, doing it ourselves when it’s convenient.

How about the way we lift our eyebrows to the parent who raises her young in a way that we feel is unacceptable when she gives him a well-deserved whipping in the mall, whilst we “punish” our own in other ways, doing so behind closed doors for the fear of being condemned.

It is time to acknowledge that no man is perfect. We all err. Whether wrong or right; what may not fall into your definition of being acceptable may just be tolerable in mine. What is spoken by others may not necessarily carry your approval; for some however it may lighten a burden, maybe lessen a pain carried in a broken heart, making life just that tad more bearable.

Let’s pay attention to these words. Let’s not do ourselves what we have expressed, in no uncertain terms, to be unacceptable. Most important…..let’s no longer judge others when we have no idea of the path they find themselves on.

Let’s not become what we condemn…..

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