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About Change

Change. What a disrupter? You just got to know all the answers and the questions are changed. Just when you think you got the hang of something, know how things are done, you are confronted with something new, something different, all to your frustration. Before you can say “knife” you are dragged out of your comfort zone. OH, yeah….that so very comfortable comfort zone.

Consider this… change will only be unpleasant if we make it so. Our attitude towards change is what makes the difference. Obviously it’s not always pleasant, but it’s going to happen, whether we fight it or not. We can’t pay someone to make it go away. Nor can we close our eyes, praying for its disappearance, open our eyes to find it, whoosh!!!!, gone. Nope. Just like we cannot wish our in-laws onto another planet, change has to be part of our lives if we want to experience growth and achieve something bigger, something better.

We have all experienced some changes during the last couple of months. Some were substantial, whilst others less significant, but still they were changes. Being creatures of habit, we kicked against, maybe even got up in arms about some of the changes, while we have welcomed others with open arms. How is it that we invite certain changes into our lives and want to shake off others like a bad rash? Obviously, if a change is to our benefit, and we can see that benefit, the change is easy. If we can’t see the benefit, how-ever, then change is a no-no and we throw all our spanners in the works. Why!?!?

We don’t know if a change will be good for us. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Sure, change needs to be discussed, strategized to ascertain foreseeable obstacles and outcomes, but don’t resist is. As they say, what you resist persists. Resisting it will only make it worse. Look for the “good” in a change. Search for the opportunities. Yes, highlight the risks so you can mitigate them when they make their appearance, but let these not steamroll you into being the next Berlin wall trying to prevent change.

It’s just a matter of fearing the unknown. When you know what’s waiting for you on the other side, change becomes easier. The idea is to simmer and stir change like you do a stew to perfection. It needs a recipe (strategy) and a stir (discussion and action) every now and then. The more you stir it and let it simmer (process the change) the tastier (more acceptable and manageable) the stew (change) becomes. Getting hungry for another change yet?

Think of all the changes you have made in the past. Didn’t most, even those you resisted, turn out to be for the better? And if not, at least you have learnt something from that change, did you not?
There are benefits to change of which personal growth, improvement, strength, progress and new opportunities are some worth mentioning.

Remember that if we don’t create change, then change might just create us.

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