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About Being YOUR True SELF

“I am I said” …A song written by, most probably, one of the greatest singer/songwriters I know. But, just as Neil Diamond said these words to “NO ONE THERE” are these words not the same we, ourselves, try getting across, however fail to find the audience?

Why does that preferred audience keep eluding us? Why are our concert tickets never sold out? Why is it that we struggle to find those who would listen to us…Where are the crowds that are supposed to believe us when we say “I AM”?

Here it is: The crowds are there and they will hear you and listen to you, but your “I AM” must be a truthful one.

Who are YOU really? Can you truly say “I AM”? or is it more a matter of “I wish I were”, trying to live that wish?

Are you a impersonator, a wannabe….or, let me put a bit of harshness in this: are you a liar, lying to others and worse, lying to yourself about who YOU really are?

Impersonating someone else is unfair, to those you are “lying” to AND to yourself, of course.

Connor MacLeod said it best in the movie Highlander when he said: “There can be only one”.

You are one of a billion plus “links” of energy in this universe, with your own uniqueness and purpose. Each link has its own space. Try Living another’s life, occupying another’s space and you will be, wait for it……”the weakest link”, because that is not your space to fill. Result: Your purpose in shambles.

As crucial link your uniqueness is required in the right place ….YOUR space.
Two of the same links are an overkill.

You need to be your True Self always…..without exception. Never allow others to make you feel inferior or “force” you to be someone else. Remember building a facade is easy, holding it is where the difficulty comes in.

Find your true self. Then shout: “I AM” and others….Everybody will listen. Your concert tickets will be sold out.

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