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About 2017

So, what is YOUR 2017 going to be like? Have you given this a proper thought or are you going to take your chances with circumstances and let these be your roadmap and guide for the year ahead?

Yes, some , if not most of us make new year’s resolutions just to forget about them a week or so down the line and fall back into the rut we’ve grown so used to during the previous year. I mean, that’s the easy way, right? After all, change only comes from putting in some effort – and effort is not something everyone has an appetite for. Also, not having any plans shields us from having to think of excuses should we not achieve these plans…. Can it get any easier? There are some who don’t even entertain the thought of making plans for the future, let alone placing an actual plan on paper.

If not on paper your dreams for the future will be the same as that grocery-list you left on the kitchen table on the way to the shop…..Just as you would return home with less of the stuff that were on the list and more of the unnecessary stuff that weren’t, without goals on paper you’ll end up where you never planned on being…..maybe even no-where else than where you are today. And that’s boring, right? That’s not what life is all about. Man must go somewhere…that’s what evolution is all about? Man needs something to focus on….

Have you ever bought a new car and found that all of a sudden there are a lot more of these same vehicles on the road than before you purchased yours? They weren’t there before. Where did they all come from? Did everyone decide to buy the same car when you did? Not likely. What about pregnant couples? We don’t see many of them until we ourselves are pregnant? Suddenly every second couple we see is about to have a baby or is pushing a stroller. That is focus for you. Focus makes us see things we never saw before. When we set our goals and have something to focus on we see more opportunities , which will help us achieve our goal, compared to when there is nothing to focus on. If you haven’t got the faintest idea of where you are going, what would you focus on? You need them goals!!!!!

One of the books by well-known author and leadership coach, Marshall Goldsmith, has a title which has me creating my annual Blueprint since 2009. The title: “What got you here won’t get you there” holds so much truth! We cannot do what we have done in the past and expect something different and more exciting and amazing to happen, doing the same we’ve always done. The only way to do things differently is by knowing what we have done previously. For that a bit of introspection is required. Once we have dissected what we have done we need to determine what worked for us and what didn’t and then change that what didn’t work to something that does. To know what did and didn’t work, obviously requires a goal to be worked towards. How else would you know whether your actions and behavior favored your desired outcome?

Don’t just brush this off as it were nothing…. Draft your annual plan and chunk down the actions to be taken to achieve your goals. Break them up into small steps. Then focus on the first 90-day period or shorter if you wish. This will make your plan more realistic and when we achieve little targets on the way to our end-goal we get that positive feeling and tend to keep on going. We humans are funny creatures. We want to achieve things quickly. We are masters at wanting immediate gratification. When not rewarded immediately we give it up for a bad job and tend to look for something else. This dampens our self-esteem and is NOT good for the ego. Constantly giving up results in us never getting the things we truly want. Chunk them down and experience the progress step by step.

So, put your goals to paper, read them regularly, do what needs to be done, change what needs to be changed, reward yourself and enjoy the journey towards a life well deserved!!

A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
Karen Lamb

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