"A Coach “unstucks” Us And Helps Us Identify Gaps Between Where We Are And Where We Actually Want To Be, In Order To Obtain The Things We Truly Desire."

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Imagine a world in which you make the choice as to the path your life would follow. Imagine having the “tools” enabling you to make the choices best suitable for your circumstances. Imagine yourself ending just existing and start living again.

Is this really possible?

Sometimes we get so entangled with the curveballs life throws at us that we either forget, or just don’t take the time, to reflect on what happened, on what we did about what happened and what we could have done differently to obtain better results. Let alone plan and work towards the things we actually desire. This is when our dreams and desires are normally put on a backburner either never to be achieved or to be achieved only years later in life.

Coaches have proven to be of value when it comes to increasing our self-awareness and highlighting the importance of us taking back responsibility for our own life. Coaches also assist us in regaining focus to achieve our goals a lot sooner than we would on our own.

Asking  powerful questions,  applying acute listening skills combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, the likes of Negative Emotional Therapy™, the Bang Pattern™, Anchoring and the Quantum Time Line™; Coaches can help create change, enhance our performance and unleash our talents and passions so that we can experience and be more.

A Coach “unstucks” us and helps us identify gaps between where we are and where we actually want to be, in order to obtain the things we truly desire. During coaching sessions our fears and beliefs, which could keep us from taking action, are brought to the forefront. These are addressed, questioned and removed as limitations.

Aligning our goals and values, designing strategies and action steps to get us on the path to our goals, a Coach challenges, motivates and inspires us to achieve peak performance and effectiveness so we can realise our full potential.

Having many applications, coaching can assist when our relationships require improvement, when we need to enhance our work performance or leadership skills, when we plan our careers or when we need to achieve the much needed balance in life.

Coaching is a practice which focuses on the future and not the past. Therefore it is said that it must not be confused with therapy. During therapy the question normally asked is “why?” a certain symptom (problem) exists, exploring how the past has influence on what we do an achieve today ? Mostly resulting in the negative being accentuated

During coaching the question of “How?” an obstacle could be overcome is asked to get us in a state of awareness, seeking positive answers and getting us solution finding orientated. During coaching we look at where we are today and determine what needs to be done to get where we want to be tomorrow.

For Teenagers

The trick to never working a day in your life is to do something you really enjoy doing, they say. Who wants to get up every morning to attend to tasks she hates doing anyway?

For Teenagers

For Young Adults

Are you having difficulties discovering your true self? Do you constantly find yourself altering the real “you” to fit in with your family and friends? Are you unsure of what it is you really want, whether you deserve what you want and worry whether it is something you could actually achieve…

For Young Adults

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After obtaining a Diploma in Life Coaching Advanced via the Stonebridge Associated Colleges in the UK, in 2009, I continued studying to receive a Life Coaching Certification (Merit) from New Insights Africa in 2010.

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“Nothing in life is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person – not only changed, but changed for the better” – Arthur Gordon

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