Oh but no one’s yet explained to me exactly what’s so great

About slaving 50 years on something you hate and

about weekly suffering down the path of mediocracy

Well, if that’s your road then take it, but it’s not the road for me”

Frank Turner

Stats of how many students drop out in their first year of study are not in favor of the student.

Whilst financial reasons probably top all other, the fact that some students choose the wrong course, or are influenced to take a course for which they have no passion are added reasons for dropping out.

Besides a huge drop-out rate it is also a well-known fact that a vast number of students switch their major during their college education.

Taking the wrong course and dropping out or switching majors, combined with the fact that only a certain number of students are admitted to study at the various Universities also makes it unfair towards those Grade Twelvers who did their homework in determining their career-path and are 100% sure of what they want to study, but are denied admission because of the limits placed on admissions at universities.

Then there is also the fact that dropping out and/or changing majors not only delays these students’ contribution towards society and the economy, but also has a financial burden, not necessarily budgeted for, on their parents.

School leavers who are not considering furthering their academic studies are not off the hook either. Unsure of the career path they want to follow, leaves room for unnecessary delays in finding their calling and a lot of disappointments, boredom, stress and resignations. 

If the prospect of determining a best-suited career path exists, students owe it to themselves to use such opportunity to enable them to contribute and leave their, much needed, footprints.

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The trick to never working a day in your life is to do something you really enjoy doing, they say. Who wants to get up every morning to attend to tasks she hates doing anyway?

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Are you having difficulties discovering your true self? Do you constantly find yourself altering the real “you” to fit in with your family and friends? Are you unsure of what it is you really want, whether you deserve what you want and worry whether it is something you could actually achieve…

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